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SoCal Magic Mirror

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SoCalMagicMirror is an Entertainment company specializing in providing the latest in entertainment venues for parties, weddings, business openings and more! More than just a standard 'photo booth', SoCal Magic Mirror provides a full length mirror to take your picture at the event, allowing a head-to-foot capture instead of the standard waist-up shot. You can also write on the screen, choose from tons of emojis, and otherwise personalize your pictures in ways other booths only dream of.

More screen, more you, more people, more fun!

Our NEW record is 24 people in a mirror picture, smashing our old record of 14!
(Don't even try this with an 'iPad-based' photo booth)
How many people will we clearly capture at YOUR event?


Have a look-see:


Corporate Events

Let our Mirror be the reflection of your successful event!

For more information and booking, contact:
Terry Lea Hoard
Director of Fun